REVIEW: Operator Down (Pike Logan #12) by Brad Taylor

Book Title: Operator Down (Pike Logan #12)
Author: Brad Taylor
Series: Pike Logan
Genres: Thriller, Fiction
Published: January 9th 2018 by Dutton Book


This was great, obviously I’m a fan of the whole series or I wouldn’t reach #12, but something about Operator Down stands above the majority.

I love that Aaron and Shoshana have risen from guest appearance to co-star. It’s an awesome duo and I think Shoshana is one of the most unique characters in the action/shooter/espionage world. There’s a point in the story where Brad Taylor depicts her showing affection to Aaron in the WEIRDEST way, and it somehow was absolutely perfect. That one action propelled her on my favorite characters list, while also helping us as the reader understand what an odd/unique being she is. Thankfully the Pike Logan series has not been butchered into a Hollywood remake, because true Shoshana would be an uncastable character.

Johan’s return is another reason PL#12 was a cut above the rest. We knew a fair amount about him and his history from #11, it was the perfect appetizer to his roll in Operator Down. Without spoiler I can say his roll is split between good and bad, of course Pike discovers the bad. Despite some poor decisions I found myself pulling for him, hoping everything was a big misunderstanding. You’ll have to read the book to see how it turns out.

So with its added co-stars, the Task force is out to stop the transfer of nuclear triggers by an American arms dealer. A rising coup against the Prime Minister of Lesutu serves as the central hub, from here a variety of sub-plots and shoot-outs break out! The situations and outcomes all felt legitimate, a very believable story that as Taylor points out in the Acknowledgements was his first plot line formed from scratch, not based off a real event.

Speaking of which, I really enjoyed the closing acknowledgments, I don’t remember Taylor ever including one in past additions. I liked hearing about his process behind the story, the research trips, little connections between people he met and characters in the story. And I truly laughed out loud in my car (this was an audiobook) when I found out the “frog” who snorts after sentences was real! My compliments to narrator Rich Orlow who did a fantastic job with such an odd quirk, I laughed after every “Frog” line.Brad_name


19279-2001Former Delta Force Officer and New York Times bestselling author Brad Taylor delivers a heart-pounding thriller where Pike Logan’s search for a Mossad agent and ally puts him on a collision course with a ruthless military coup in Africa—and tests his loyalties to the Taskforce.

It was to be a simple mission. Nothing more than assessing whether a merchant in the fabled Israeli Diamond Exchange was involved in a scheme that could potentially embarrass the state of Israel. But nothing is ever simple in the world of intelligence, as Aaron Bergman—a former leader of an elite direct action team under the Mossad—should have known. Executing the operation as a contractor, a cutout that gave the State of Israel plausible deniability, he disappears without a trace.

Pike Logan and his team know none of this, but he’s tracking an American arms dealer in Tel Aviv who may—or may not—be attempting to sell sensitive nuclear weapons components to the highest bidder. When Pike’s team breaks up an attempt at killing Shoshana, Aaron’s partner, they stumble upon much more than they expected—a concerted conspiracy to topple a democratic African country.

Beginning to untangle a web that extends through both the American and Israeli intelligence community, Pike is forced to choose between his Israeli friends and his Taskforce mission, even as the execution of the coup begins to form. At the heart of it is Aaron, and his disappearance is the one mistake the plotters made. Because Shoshana is the greatest killing machine the Mossad has ever produced, and she will stop at nothing to help Aaron, even if it means killing Pike Logan.19278-2001 


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